We would like to present an interesting solution, which allows to attract attention of people who were at Your event, after it is finished. Thanks to connecting a large resolution panoramic photographs (2 to even 30 Gigapixels) with posibility of marking everyone who is on it, we get an Internet application which allows to:

  • View an interactive panoramic picture, with even tens of thousands people on it. With zooming option we can inspect every piece of panorama and identify single people. Picture is made of hundreds or even thousands of single photographs, merged together.


  • Point Yourself or Your friends with marker and connect it with Facebook accounts.


  • Display a list of our friends, marked on the panorama with option of zooming at specific person from that list.
  • After marking someone at the picture, there is a massage that that they’ve been found at the picture. Its content and functionality are consulted with You. It is visible to all friends of that marked person. They can click at specific links and they will be directed to a place where that person is marked, or to an overall view of the panorama.
  • Despite a huge size of the Picture (coupe hundred megabytes), application is sending only a part of it which is needed at this moment. If there is a lot of viewers, single images can be placed at many servers (Cloud Computing) and being downloaded from the one closest to a viewer.


  • Create multilanguage interface.
  • Placing a graphic advertisements at the picture.
  • It is possible to run a comments for the panorama or event, which is powered by an application delivered by Facebook.
  • Placing Facebook „Like” buttons for profiles/fan’s sites.
  • Placing a movies to a specific place at the picture (for example to a large screen visible at the picture), which will be played on it.
  • Place advertisement as a graphic element of panorama itself or outside it.
  • Generate a link to a specific spot at the panorama to send it or place it at a website. Clicking on it will open a panorama with a view of that spot.
  • Generate and send by e-mail pieces of panorama. For example a piece of it where sender or recipient is visible. Constant parts of massage such as a water mark to put over the picture will be also consulted with a client.
  • These are only main abilities of the system. We are preparing another ones. It is also possible to implement a specific functionality described by a client.

At the end, some information about ability and time of realization:

A time needed to shoot single images is 30 minutes over to 3 hours and depend on target resolution of the panorama. Merging pictures to a high resolution panorama can last from 1 do a couple working days.

For prepare an interface and start a system, we need about 7 days, but it can be made before shooting which allows to publish a panorama right after creating it. Therefore a time between shooting and publishing a panorama can be very short.

Pictures are being shot with a motorized panoramic head and merged with specialized software and image processing servers.